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  • Avengelyne: Power (1995-1996)
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This mini-series follows the Avengelyne/Glory one-shot and continues the adventures of fallen agent Avengelyne.

This time out, Avengelyne travels from New York to Los Angeles to attend the Crusade Festival, a religious gathering. While there, she discovers how sinful the City of Angels can be. In addition to the standard crime, corruption, prostitutes, druggies, and smog, there’s also the small matter of a Satanic conspiracy.

Carter Clark is a televangelist seeking the presidency. He is being secretly aided by Michael Evitz who hopes to rule America using Clark as a puppet president. Evitz is a media mogul with demonic ties (presumably modeled after Michael Ovitz). Once again, it’s up to the fallen angel Avengelyne to stop this great evil before it can destroy everything.

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