Magnus, Robot Fighter Vol. 2 (1991-1996) العدد 21 – حسن

Valiant Comics

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  • Magnus, Robot Fighter Vol. 2 (1991-1996)
  • كتاب مصور – عدد فردي

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Magnus returns to the asylum that 1-A created on Phobos and discovers that things have changed and not for the better and that a new version of an old threat is going to invade Earth in “Armageddon 4002 Part One – Slaughter on Phobos.”Arriving at the Asylum on Phobos, Magnus discovers that powerful, new robots have taken over and murdered the inmates. Only Izak survives to learn with Magnus that these are robots from Malev-6, out to conquer Earth in retaliation for Magnus’s destruction of their own robot planet. Captured by the Malev Emperor, Magnus must watch helplessly as the evil robots launch their all-out invasion of North Am!Variant Cover: Gold Logo (see cover below).1st. appearances:- Malevolents- Malev Emperor

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